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AI Safely

Sign up to try CalypsoAI’s latest LLM security and enablement solution, for free. Limited spaces for beta available.

AI Safely

Sign up to try CalypsoAI’s latest LLM security and enablement solution, for free. Limited spaces for beta available.

Robust Security and Observability Across All LLM Usage

360-Degree View Protection

A first-of-its-kind solution to scan, flag, alert, and protect systems against common vulnerabilities and internal and external risks in real time. Admins can review and evaluate insights about model performance and behaviour, such as decision-making processes, limitations, reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Prompts Sent and Blocked


Prompts sent are blocked

Moderator’s Policy Management Scanners block all flagged prompts. To customise which prompts get blocked, configure the scanners in the Scanner Settings.

Model Agnostic Enablement for Custom and Third-Party LLMs

Limitless AI Potential

Build best-in-class AI applications and execute digital transformation projects without the constraints of LLM provider limitations. Our user-in-the-loop platform makes it simpler than ever before to experiment with and scale multimodal and multi-model generative AI projects with large, small, and internally created models, all working asynchronously.

A Seamless API for Quick and Easy Integration with All Applications

Rapidly Enhance Company Performance

CalypsoAI’s industry-leading API enables companies to drive efficiencies and boost productivity and profitability by providing simplicity, ease-of-use, and speed for smooth integration with existing organizational processes. Normalize integration with LLMs across your enterprise to drive development efficiency.

curl "https://${HOST}/backend/v1/prompts" -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}" \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --data-raw '{"data": "What is your name?"}'
from moderator import datatypes as dt from moderator.clients import ModeratorClient client = ModeratorClient(url="SET ME", token="SET ME") response ="What is your name?")) print(response) }

Be Compliance-Protected with Complete Alignment on Standards

Secure Long-Term Success

No matter the regulatory landscape, CalypsoAI provides cutting-edge solutions that future-proof companies’ success and secure their data when deploying LLMs.

Create a Baseline to Manage LLM Costs as Usage Scales

Efficiently Manage LLM Cost

Remove LLM transformation project risk with an effective, 
cost-management solution. In addition to features that ensure companies stay on budget for AI projects, CalypsoAI’s automation eliminates the need to use internal personnel resources to achieve success.

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A product that meets all of your enterprise needs.

Organizations can be up and running and rapidly scale at speed due to the agility of the CalypsoAI platform.

Multiple deployment modes.

No matter the installation preferences, CalypsoAI can meet company needs.

Industry leading support.

Our team is readily available to help you. We offer email, chat and Slack support, depending on your plan.

Enterprise adaptable feature suite.

With the highest security and privacy standards, our infrastructure and API scales easily – and modularly.

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