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WASHINGTON, D.C., JANUARY 13, 2023 CalypsoAI is pleased to announce our membership in the Responsible AI Institute. This aligns with our mission to accelerate trust in AI through independent testing and validation. This membership enhances our ability to drive this mission forward. The RAI Institute is the only global and member-driven non-profit body dedicated to enabling successful, responsible AI efforts in organizations. Through its community of responsible AI experts, the RAI Institute offers valuable insights to practitioners, policymakers, and regulators to enable technologies that improve society’s economic and social well-being.

Responsible AI Institute

Neil Serebryany, CEO of CalypsoAI, offered this insight about becoming an RAI Institute member: “Rigorously testing and enhancing the security of AI/ML models throughout their lifecycle are integral elements of responsible AI. It is CalypsoAI’s mission to accelerate trust in AI through the development of solutions that empower decision-makers to ensure the security and validation of ML models. We are thrilled to be joining the Responsible AI Institute and are looking forward to the opportunity to work with this important community focused on furthering responsible and secure AI.” 

Encouraging responsible AI is a key focus for CalypsoAI. Our solution, VESPR Validate, is a market-leading tool to ensure the safe deployment of AI through testing, evaluating, validating, and verifying AI/ML models. We provide decision-makers with the solution to grow trust in their system performance and ensure the success of their AI strategy by significantly reducing the risk, time, and money spent successfully deploying AI/ML models into live environments. As an independent, third-party testing and validation tool, our solution establishes benchmark model performance and then stress-tests models using proprietary perturbations and attacks that mimic real-world deployment conditions. This means model developers and MLOps teams do not test their own models against known data. This is a critical step in the AI/ML development life cycle, and a key accelerator toward the end result: trustworthy and responsible AI. 

In 2022, CalypsoAI was named a Gartner® Cool VendorTM in AI Core Technologies-Scaling AI in the Enterprise, underscoring confidence that our independent, industry-leading, AI/ML model testing and validation, and auditable human-in-the-loop decision-making enables safe and responsible AI deployment. 

Membership in the RAI Institute is another significant moment for CalypsoAI as we continue to encourage and support a culture of rigorous testing throughout the AI/ML lifecycle.

About RAII
The Responsible AI Institute is a community-led non-profit organization currently operating in the U.S., UK, Europe, and Canada applying an international lens to responsible AI (RAI). RAI Institute’s work includes establishing the first independent certified framework aligned to standards and regulations and building a scheme focusing on six core axes that programmatically align the business and technical implementation of AI systems to the needs of corporate policies, international standards, and regulations. 

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