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LLM Security for the Pharmaceutical Industry

CalypsoAI is the #1 platform for securing prompts entered into large language models (LLMs), avoiding costly data breaches, and protecting your organization’s intellectual property (IP). 

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) tools to organizational processes increases the efficiency of your operations, from initial research and drug development to clinical trials and regulatory approval.

The Problem

An employee using an LLM to conduct preliminary research on novel pathways for testing a drug that is still in development includes a partial list of the drug’s active ingredients in the prompts. Even though doing so is strictly against company policy, there is no systematic safeguard in place to block the prompt from leaving the company’s system.

The Challenge

The company’s confidential and experimental IP included in the prompt by the sender has been shared with an unauthorized third party and now resides on that entity’s system. The security of the third party’s system is unknown, potentially exposing the information to additional risk of dissemination if that system is breached. The information could also be included in the LLM’s knowledge base and, therefore, be accessible to all users, putting the organization’s competitive advantage at risk and potentially leading to financial loss and diminished shareholder value.

The Solution

CalypsoAI scanners are customizable to filter for personally identifiable information (PII ); time-limited content, such as product names, scientific terms; legal content; source code; and other types of terminology and IP. Prompts are blocked before the information leaves your organization and the user is alerted that their prompt must be revised prior to being sent. All details of the interaction, including the prompt content, sender, LLM, date, time, and individual scanner results are recorded, providing full auditability and attribution. In addition to protecting your IP, CalypsoAI safeguards your organization’s operations.

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