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Vespr validate in ai missions

When it comes to the rapidly advancing world of AI, no two missions are alike. Machine-learning (ML) models are being developed in various environments, for various purposes, by defense and intelligence communities all over the world. However, there exists no standardized framework for testing and validation. With most model testing being done ad hoc, and with no easy way to test models for their specific use case, stakeholders struggle to build confidence in their AI strategy.

VESPR Validate, CalypsoAI’s solution for independent testing and validation of ML models, is built to expedite responsible AI to production by enabling stakeholders to quickly and repeatedly test models for their specific use case. One important element, however, is that stakeholders remain in control of their AI missions. It is not the job of VESPR Validate to determine what level of performance is acceptable for ML models against various corruptions. Only mission owners should be able to make these decisions, and VESPR Validate provides the tools for mission-specific testing, acting as an accelerator to the success of AI strategy.

Select the tests for your organization’s use case

VESPR Validate contains a vast array of tests designed to benchmark model performance against various corruptions, interruptions, and adversarial attacks, but not every model needs to be tested for each of these complications. Stakeholders have the ability to select which tests to run on the ML model, focusing solely on factors important to mission success.

For example, a model set to be deployed in an indoor setting likely does not need to be tested against weather conditions such as snow, rain, or fog. In such a case, mission owners can instead focus on data quality, adversarial attacks, or other factors more applicable to their specific use case. Just as humans should control how their AI performs, they should also be in control of the testing requirements.

Comprehensive results to empower informed decision-making

Once a test is completed, VESPR Validate provides results in a simple, easy-to-understand format with clear metrics for model performance. However, it is not up to CalypsoAI or the platform to make recommendations as to whether the model should be deployed. Ultimately, the stakeholders have the ultimate power to validate the test results and make the decision as to whether the model is ready to be deployed to production. Mission success is entirely in their hands.

Bring confidence, security, and speed to your MLOps pipeline

Only mission owners can be the ultimate authority on what constitutes AI success—no third-party vendor is able to make these highly significant decisions. This goes for the vendors developing third-party models, as well as the solutions they invest in to test and validate these models.

With VESPR Validate, mission stakeholders are the ones in control at all steps of the process. From model development and training, all the way through to deployment, our solution works as an accelerator to your existing MLOps pipeline. You know your goals. CalypsoAI was founded to help you achieve those goals, faster and with confidence.

Learn more about how VESPR Validate accelerates trust in AI by supporting the MLOps pipeline.

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