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CalypsoAI is providing operational forces, warfighters, the ability to rapidly prototype and push secure data science applications at the edge without sacrificing security.

No one understands the operational challenges of a warfighter better than that warfighter. However, to date it has been challenging to enable warfighters to experiment with data science at the operational edge. This is due to several factors, including a lack of warfighter capability, changing security concerns related to autonomous systems, and a lack of quality assurance standards around the created models. This keeps data science (including artificial intelligence and machine learning) siloed away and makes rapid innovation and experimentation challenging.

CalypsoAI aims to fix these challenges with our Build Secure feature in Vespr. Build Secure allows warfighters to rapidly generate data science models, either using traditional code-based modeling systems as well as no-code/low-code environments. By using Build Secure in Vespr, teams can generate actionable insights while understanding the quality of the models generated. Perhaps most critically, commanders can easily assess the quality, risks, and performance of models prior to use while actively monitoring models for adversarial attacks, environmental impacts, or model drift.

Build Secure is being rolled out across select national security clients over the next several months.