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CalypsoAI is proud to announce that we have expanded our partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate to develop and deploy independent AI/ML testing and validation processes to fast-track innovation. This work with the DHS sees CalypsoAI taking its solution into new and innovative areas, with a focus on X-ray imagery and the screening of carry-on baggage.

Currently, the TSA uses X-ray technology to screen these bags, but the process as it stands creates a heavy cognitive burden on Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers. Going forward, the DHS S&T’s Screening at Speed (SaS) program aims to implement AI/ML-based solutions to augment the efforts of these officers and automate the detection of banned items in baggage.

To meet the challenges of this new mission, CalypsoAI is adding X-ray imagery capabilities to its evolving toolkit in order to guide continued innovation within the DHS and deploy secure, robust ML models with confidence.

Previously, CalypsoAI implemented its solution VESPR Validate into the DHS’s processes to support the efficient testing, validation, and deployment of machine learning (ML) models into passenger screening applications. The implementation of this repeatable testing and validation pipeline saved critical time and created trust in these models across the Department. 

“At CalypsoAI, our relationship with the Department of Homeland Security has been key in the evolution of independent testing and validation for AI within the U.S. government. We are thrilled to be expanding our work with them and partnering on a critical project that will positively impact everyday lives,” said CalypsoAI CEO Neil Serebryany. “The ML models being developed by the TSA here can improve the passenger experience and lead to even safer air travel, but it is critical that these models work 100% of the time to achieve mission success. Our new work will provide that visibility and accelerate trust in AI across the agency and government at large.”

About CalypsoAI

CalypsoAI’s mission is to accelerate trust in AI through independent testing and validation. Our solutions are built to solve the biggest challenges facing AI today, expediting machine learning models to production with confidence, security, and speed. Through CalypsoAI’s automated testing and validation solution, decision-makers gain the performance visibility needed to ensure confident model deployments. This ensures the success of AI strategy while drastically reducing the amount of risk, time, and money spent to manually test and validate models. CalypsoAI was founded in Silicon Valley by DARPA, NASA, and DoD veterans.