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NASIC CalypsoAI ML Testing

CalypsoAI is pleased to announce that we have commenced work with the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), which is responsible for foreign air and space threat analysis for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). CalypsoAI will work with NASIC to expand its leading ML testing and validation platform, VESPR Validate, for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data.

As the DoD and intelligence community seek to expand the use of SAR collection platforms, this leads to a flood of data requiring ML-based automation as a means of exploitation. CalypsoAI’s work will support the creation of a modular and standard development and evaluation process for models in these applications, ultimately bringing these ML projects to production with confidence.

“All of us at CalypsoAI are excited to work with NASIC on expanding our capability set into the realm of SAR imagery,” said CalypsoAI CEO Neil Serebryany. “This award further illustrates how independent testing and validation solutions will be key in the development of AI and ML for intelligence applications. These processes will accelerate trust in AI and enable the government to deploy these next-generation models to production with confidence.”

Through this work, as well as ongoing work with the DoD and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CalypsoAI continues to expand its presence in supporting AI development across the U.S. government.

About CalypsoAI
CalypsoAI’s mission is to build trust in AI through independent testing and validation. We solve one of the biggest issues facing AI: machine learning models not getting deployed into production. Through CalypsoAI’s automated testing and validation solution, decision-makers gain the performance visibility needed to confidently deploy their models into production. This ensures the success of AI strategy while drastically reducing the amount of risk, time, and money spent manually testing and validating models. CalypsoAI was founded in Silicon Valley by DARPA, NASA, and DoD veterans. For more information visit

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