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If you have ever flown commercially, you have experienced the inconvenience of taking off your jacket, hat, shoes, and belt at security checkpoints.  The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) has a vision for changing this paradigm by increasing security effectiveness from curb-to-gate while dramatically reducing wait times and improving the passenger experience. 

To achieve their vision, the S&T’s Screening at Speed (SaS) program is developing deep learning models into next-generation airport passenger and accessible property screening machines.

CalypsoAI has been collaborating with the DHS to determine how to best verify and validate the performance of these machine learning models under a multitude of conditions, including sensor variability, adversarial attacks, and degraded environmental conditions. Testing machine learning models in real-world conditions like these enables algorithm developers to build more effective models and accelerates DHS’s certification and qualification processes. 

With the DHS S&T award of a Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) CalypsoAI is excited to continue our work with DHS by expanding their efforts to test and validate third-party Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint screening algorithms. CalypsoAI will grow its library of machine learning tests within its VESPR Validate software to capture a wider range of environmental conditions that affect the passenger screening experience. 

Additionally, CalypsoAI will work with S&T to create a standardized set of performance thresholds and model standards for deep learning throughout the passenger screening process.

This Phase III SBIR work leverages CalypsoAI’s expertise in machine learning validation to deploy next-generation machine learning capabilities, achieve SaS’s strategic vision, and meet TSA’s most challenging operational checkpoint requirements.

About CalypsoAI 

Based in Silicon Valley, California, CalypsoAI is the market leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) test and evaluation (T&E) technologies. CalypsoAI was founded by DARPA, NASA, and DoD veterans to help the national security community solve operational AI problems. Currently, most organizations develop AI without standard T&E tooling, leading to AI of unknown quality and risk, impeding trust and creating barriers to AI adoption. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI solutions through rigorous testing and validation. By providing decision-makers with confidence in the real-world performance and robustness of their AI solutions, CalypsoAI empowers users to move AI from the sidelines to the center of their mission. More information is available at


Robert McGrath, VP Marketing, CalypsoAI