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CalypsoAI, the leader in building trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI) through independent testing and validation, has partnered with Riverside Research to advance AI solutions for government customers through its Commercial Innovation Center (CIC).

Riverside Research, a not-for-profit organization that invests in multi-disciplinary research and development to accelerate innovation and advance science, will integrate CalypsoAI’s solution VESPR Validate into the CIC and make it available to CIC users. This collaboration will enable government stakeholders to more effectively design their AI strategy.

“At CalypsoAI, our goal is to mature AI testing, and one of our observations has been that government stakeholders often need a place to experiment with AI and identify the use cases and mission problems that will have the highest return on investment,” said Andrew Spage, CalypsoAI’s VP of Solutions Architecture. “We could not be more excited to begin this partnership with Riverside Research, and the U.S. Government will benefit from this collective experience in ensuring mission-ready AI through independent testing and validation.”

Dr. Ann Carbonell, Director of the CIC, states, “We are thrilled to offer CalypsoAI’s capabilities to our CIC participants. CalypsoAI provides our developers with opportunities to run Quality Assurance (QA) tests. Quality Assurance is an essential component of any development methodology. You build. You test. Simply put, you don’t do QA for AI projects like you QA other projects. This is because the concept of what we’re testing, how we test, and when we test is significantly different for AI projects. AI projects are unique in that they revolve around data. Data is the one thing in testing that is guaranteed to continuously change. This will be a game changer for our participants.”

About Riverside Research
Riverside Research is a not-for-profit organization advancing scientific research in the interest of National Security. Through the company’s Open Innovation Center (OIC), it invests in multi-disciplinary research and development and encourages collaboration to accelerate innovation and advance science. Research areas include AI/ML, Secure and Resilient Systems, Optics, Electromagnetics, Commercial ISR, and Collection Planning. Learn more at

About CalypsoAI
CalypsoAI’s mission is to build trust in AI through independent testing and validation. We solve one of the biggest issues facing AI: machine learning models not getting deployed into production. Through CalypsoAI’s automated testing and validation solution, decision-makers gain the performance visibility needed to confidently deploy their models into production. This ensures the success of AI strategy while drastically reducing the amount of risk, time and money spent to manually test and validate models. CalypsoAI was founded in Silicon Valley by DARPA, NASA, and DoD veterans. For more information visit

To find out about this partnership, how we continue to advance AI solutions for government customers, and how you can get involved with CalypsoAI and Riverside Research, contact