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CalypsoAI expands national security practice to support the US Government and our allies. The performance and security challenges of artificial intelligence that CalypsoAI was founded to solve are perhaps most pronounced in national security applications. Unlike in most commercial applications of AI (save for example self-driving cars), when a national security AI fails it almost always has life and death consequences. Military and government AI applications should be held to the highest possible safety and reliability standards. We believe that by expanding our footprint inside the US Government, we can not only help accelerate AI use in this critical sector, but can also ensure it is done in a safe and reliable manner.

“It’s a sense of mission combined with good business sense. The US government is one of the world’s largest investors in AI, building automated solution that can have life and death implications. As the world’s leading experts in how to validate and secure these systems, it seems obvious that the USG should be a premier client.” shares Neil Serebryany, CEO on the news that CalypsoAI expands its national security practice. 

The CalypsoAI team draws heavily from US military and civilian services. Our veteran-heavy staff is not only an operational, organizational, and talent differentiator, but it also gives us a strong sense of mission. We remain committed to our nation’s security and want to see the US and our allies lead in the artificial intelligence domain. Through our software, we not only securing these capabilities, but also protecting our fellow citizens from the dangers of AI performance and security failures.